He paid for your freedom

Jesus died so that you can be free. Your freedom is yours for the taking.  editorial4[1]

He did no wrong but died because you were worth it.  He rose again 3 days later and is calling for you to accept His love a new life that He has for you.  You don’t have to die physically but you do need to choose to let Him into your life and take over.

I got to a point in my life where I hated my life and I said to Jesus, if you can do a better job of my life then you can have it.  I haven’t looked back! Sure life still has its ups and downs but I am now free and I have peace and I choose to love people rather than live just for me.  It is never too late to accept Jesus and live for Him.

Just say, “Jesus I’m yours come into my life and Holy Spirit set me free.”


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